About Us

Data-stream is a an award winning service, established in 2008 by ex-Cybertill account manager to provide a simple solution to the Cybertill SOAP services module .

Cybertill EPoSRecently appointed as the 'Prefered Website Solution Partner' to Cybertill, we work closely with the team to ensure we keep in touch with the latest changes and updates to ensure we provide the most up to date system possible. 

Additionally, with over 20 years in both retail b2c (Business to Consumer), b2b (Business to Business) and commercial b2b, we have a wealth of experience from direct selling, through to marketing, promotion and internal business systems development and implementation.

Now with Cybertill converting current and all new clients to thier RS2 version, Our new V8.1 version of Data-Stream is exclusivly integrated to this new API.

Additionally we have successfully undertaken projects covering website design and development, market research, product development, direct marketing campaigns, both real world and virtual, through to a call centre point of sale production facility.

This experience has been very beneficial in understanding individual requirements, identifying the needs and help delivering the right system to the clients requirements.

As we move forward, we are developing new and flexible ways for business to use existing business tools and data, utilise new and developing technologies for the benefit of increased productivity and profitability.