About Us
Established in 2008 by ex-Cybertill account manager, Data-Stream was created to provide a simple solution for the Cybertill SOAP services module. We also provide support and development services when you require additional help with your on-line business.
Our Services
Our key service is the hosted solution for the Cybertill EPoS system. As a development company we also provide a range of services to businesses small or large, from website design, hosting and integration to support services such as SEO, optimization and conversions.
Improved SEO
Optimise your website for search engines using built-in SEO features entering important SEO-related data such as the page title, description and keywords for every page and product or you can have the system automatically populate this data.

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Marketing Tools

E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient ways to expand your customer base, nurture leads and keep in touch with existing clients.
Supporting your on-line strategy we have our analytics module to provide the all important data.

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The Mobile Revolution
Data-Stream allows you to create websites optimized for mobile devices, such as iPhone, Blackberry or phones with Windows Mobile or Google Android. You can easily create website content once and re-use it for both main site and for the mobile version.

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Conversion Service

Working from initial design stage or from current website we can provide help to businesses to get their website in front of the people that are actively searching for their products or services, thus increasing profits. Using various methods and working directly with you, we can help.

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